Scissors, papers, glitter, happy people: Christmas is here!!

Last Saturday, a cheerful group of families welcomed Christmas to our school in the Christmas workshop.

With scissors, glue, colored paper and glitter we created together the fantasy of this expected moment of the year. Between kings, Santa Claus, “caganers” and stars we´ve enjoyed a fun family morning!
The children were happy and excited, participating until the last minute hanging their works in order to make a beautiful scenery in our school main entrance. Of course, in the end, everyone helped to organize the room and save the material for the next time!

The moms and dads appreciated a lot the coffee machines! (Great, great idea!! Please repeat it next time!!) And we all shared some delicious cakes!

Thanks to the organizers and volunteers to prepare such a fun activity!

Take a time to enjoy our works when arriving to school and have a very good Christmas time!

See you!